I AM BEYOND EXCITED TO BE APART OF THIS!!!! I know I announced it on my social media pages, but I really didn’t get to explain how extremely grateful and excited I am about it! To be selected as one of the Top Six Finalists is such an honour in itself. We really get the royal treatment!!! I will be heading down to Toronto at the end of April for a week of Music Industry Boot Camp! Where we will get to work with vocal coaches, performance coaches, and stylists. We will also learn a TON about the industry! We get to perform not only during CCMA week but also while we are in Toronto. This is gonna be so much fun… I seriously have a count down on!


I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with the rest of the artists!!  Go to my IG/ FB to see the links for their pages :)



Dashboard Renegade

I am SO excited to finally have my album, Dashboard Renegade out and available to everyone! Creating this album has been such an incredible learning process for me and I really feel like I poured my heart and soul into it.

Ever since I started writing and co-writing at 15, I have never been able to stop. There is just something so magical and surreal about walking into a room with sometimes complete strangers and creating something so raw and vulnerable. You experience a moment with that person by creating something that wasn’t there a few hours ago. Writing “80 proof “was one of those crazy moments. I wrote that song with 2 of my closest friends, Lisa Scinta and Joey Resly. Lisa came into the session with the song title “80 Proof” and I had a concept idea that kind of fit with that. And just like that, the beginning of that song was born. It took us literally ALL DAY to finish it. When we finally got to the end of the session, I just felt that this song was so raw, and SO relatable. I'll never forget that feeling.

I think being a songwriter AND an artist make it much easier for me to truly be myself. My fans get to listen to the words and thoughts that come straight from my heart. My songs really do represent exactly each side of me. I love being able to share my experiences and my thoughts through music and I love the idea of having my fans really connecting with my songs and using them as a tool either for healing or just to make them happy. 

I am so proud to have written 7 out of the 11 songs on this album. It’s been a long journey, and one that I am constantly learning from. I truly couldn’t have made this record without the people that listened and helped turn my ideas into songs. To the writers who believed in me and brought me into writes and are constantly teaching me and allowing me to grow as an artist - I love you! And to the fans who have supported me along this journey, THANK YOU!!!!

I hope you guys love the album as much as I loved making it. 



"Dashboard Renegade" Album Pre-Order

Last week we shared the lyric video for my new single, "All Kinds of Crazy". Thanks to everyone who has checked it out and spread it around! This week we're excited to announce that "All Kinds of Crazy" is the first single from my new album called "Dashboard Renegade", which is being released on July 17th! You can pre-order the album now via iTunes, and when you do so, you get an instant download of my singles "All Kinds of Crazy" and "Wrong Side of the Dirt". Exciting!

Also a huge shout out to our friends at Spotify who included "All Kinds of Crazy" on their New Music Tuesday Playlist! Check it out there, and keep an ear out for it at radio too.

We'll have more exciting news about the release of "Dashboard Renegade" throughout the week so stay tuned. And go pre-order it now on iTunes!