"Dashboard Renegade" Album Pre-Order

Last week we shared the lyric video for my new single, "All Kinds of Crazy". Thanks to everyone who has checked it out and spread it around! This week we're excited to announce that "All Kinds of Crazy" is the first single from my new album called "Dashboard Renegade", which is being released on July 17th! You can pre-order the album now via iTunes, and when you do so, you get an instant download of my singles "All Kinds of Crazy" and "Wrong Side of the Dirt". Exciting!

Also a huge shout out to our friends at Spotify who included "All Kinds of Crazy" on their New Music Tuesday Playlist! Check it out there, and keep an ear out for it at radio too.

We'll have more exciting news about the release of "Dashboard Renegade" throughout the week so stay tuned. And go pre-order it now on iTunes!